Thursday, April 28, 2005

New Law on Legal Aid Funding

[LEGISLATION] A new law establishes a state office of civil legal aid as an independent agency of the judicial branch. Laws of 2005, ch. 105 (SHB 1747). The office of civil legal aid will contract with legal aid programs

for legal representation of indigent persons in matters relating to: (a) Domestic relations and family law matters, (b) public assistance and health care, (c) housing and utilities, (d) social security, (e) mortgage foreclosures, (f) home protection bankruptcies, (g) consumer fraud and unfair sales practices, (h) rights of residents of long-term
25 care facilities, (i) wills, estates, and living wills, (j) elder abuse, and (k) guardianship.
The law becomes effective July 1.

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