Monday, April 18, 2005

Section of Litigation Annual Conference 2005

The ABA Section of Litigation Annual Conference 2005 is in New York this week (April 20-23). If you're in school in Seattle, you're not likely to drop by the meetings, but you might be curious about what the hot topics are. Take a look at the registration brochure.

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S. Lamb said...

2006 Section Annual Conference

We are taking a new approach to the Conference this year. In the Trial Track, we will follow one case from start to finish through a series of CLE programs. Dr. Phil McGraw will kick off the Conference with a session on theming the case. The programs will then progress all the way through appellate arguments.

There is a reduced fee for young lawyers, government and public service lawyers, and law students. The Conference takes place in Los Angeles from April 19-22, 2006.

Section Annual Conference information