Friday, April 1, 2005

Trial practice lessons from poker

Trial practice lessons from poker Posted by Hello

An article in the March ABA Journal discusses lessons that lawyers can learn from poker, including how to read people's reactions (at the card table or in the jury box) and how to negotiate without showing your cards (literally, in the case of poker, or figuratively, in most other cases). Pete Hume, Courtroom Card Sharks, ABA J., March 2005. [April 2006: the link to the article on the ABA's website no longer works. Remember that the ABA Journal is available in print, on Westlaw, and on LexisNexis.]

Photo is of Ben Newmark, of the state's attorney's office, from the Chicago Daily News, 1921, available from the Library of Congress's American Memory project.

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Poker Paul said...

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