Monday, November 28, 2005

ABA - Tort Trial & Insurance Practice Section

Interested in personal injury law? Consider TIPS, the ABA's Tort Trial & Insurance Practice Section. Law students, if you belong to the ABA, then you can join the section free.

Some of the content on the section's website is limited to members. One freebie is TortSource, a newsletter that

highlights topical tort and insurance law issues and includes technology advice, practice tips and updates on continuing legal education programming. "When I Was A Young Lawyer," "Legislative Update," "In Motion" and a host of other unique columns round out each issue of this quarterly newsletter.
The summer 2005 issue had two pieces about appeals -- how to preserve issues for appeal and, once you get an appeal, oral argument advice for trial attorneys. Fall 2005 has a piece called "Let the Jury Draw the Conclusion":
The juror who comes to an independent conclusion will hold on to that deduction much more tenaciously than will a juror who is told what to think and decides to think that way only because that is what the lawyer said to do. * * * [Jurors who reach their own conclusions will] will listen more closely for the facts, analogies, and argument that support the conclusion and allow them to defend it in the jury room.

The fall issue also has several pieces about developments in employment law.

For discussion of policy questions, see the TIPS Task Forces. For example, the Task Force on Contingent Fees has a 66-page Report on Contingent Fees in Medical Malpractice Litigation (draft, Sept. 20, 2004)

The Emerging Issues Committee has a list of emerging issues, with some links to press releases, letters, etc. Students, looking for a paper topic?

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