Thursday, December 22, 2005

Attorney sentenced for hitting courthouse marshal in Everett

[NEWS] An attorney has been sentenced to two months in jail and an anger management course after striking and cursing at a marshal. Here's the story from the Seattle Times Local Digest on Tuesday:

Everett Attorney gets 2 months in jail

A Seattle attorney found guilty of cursing at and striking a Snohomish County courthouse marshal was sentenced Monday to two months in jail.

In September 2004, Christopher Bartow was confronted by Marshal George Willoth because Bartow had repeatedly interrupted a court commissioner during a hearing, according to court papers. The attorney cursed at Willoth and struck him in the head, charging documents said. Willoth used pepper spray to subdue Bartow.

In addition to jail time, Bartow, 40, was ordered to complete an anger-management course.
I don't know any more about the incident, but this is a good reminder of the need to learn to manage the stress of litigation. It's natural to get excited in the heat of argument -- but one doesn't do oneself or one's clients any good if the adrenaline takes over.

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badpiggy said...

But George Willoth lied about what happened. Maybe you should ask what really happened? And who are you?