Friday, December 30, 2005

The Docket - legal affairs program

The Washington State Bar Association is sponsoring a new legal affairs program on TVW (Washington's "C-SPAN" cable channel). The Docket premieres on TV at 8 pm Sunday, January 1, but you can view it already in streaming video. Hosted by Dean W.H. Knight, Jr., of the University of Washington School of Law, the half-hour program includes:

  • a discussion of state Supreme Court cases on de facto parental rights and sexual relationships between teachers and students;
  • an interview with Chief Justice Gerry Alexander;
  • comments on the media's coverage of courts by former ABC news producer Peter Shaplen; and
  • a guided Capitol tour explaining how a bill becomes a law.
The TVW website includes links to more material -- for instance, the video of the oral argument of one of the cases discussed and the audio of the entire speech by Peter Shaplen that is excerpted in the program.

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