Saturday, January 21, 2006

Wash. Supreme Court Comes to UW

[EVENT] The Washington State Supreme Court visits the UW School of Law this week, on Wednesday afternoon (reception in the afternoon) and Thursday (oral arguments and a panel on clerkships).

The first case scheduled for argument is State v. Athan, challenging the way police got DNA evidence against the defendant. They sent him a letter purporting to be from a lawyer; when he sent back the reply envelope about the supposed class action, they got saliva from the envelope flap. At its December meeting the WSBA Board of Governors voted to have WSBA file an amicus brief "to send a clear statement that police or investigators holding themselves out as lawyers was not an allowable ruse." WSBA would not address the remedy.

A detailed schedule links to the parties' briefs in the three cases being argued is here.

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