Tuesday, March 7, 2006

Visible Proofs: Forensic Views of the Body

Visible Proofs: Forensic Views of the Body is an exhibit by the National Library of Medicine highlighting the history of forensic medicine and the efforts of "physicians, surgeons, and other professionals" to "develop scientific methods that translate views of bodies and body parts into 'visible proofs' that can persuade judges, juries, and the public."

Who was it who thought up a way to organize mug shots? Did you know that fingerprint identification was developed in Argentina? What was the first use of DNA in a murder investigation? You can learn about all this and more in the online exhibit.

The image at right is of the Cook County Coroner in 1913.

It's not just online: if you're in the DC area, you can see the artifacts and images at National Library of Medicine at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland, through Feb. 16, 2008.

Thanks to Cheryl Nyberg, who featured this as a Website of the Week.

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