Thursday, June 22, 2006

Toilet Story

CNN features a video about a beautiful new courthouse in Nashville with a problem: Loud Toilets Tanking Courtroom Dignity. The holding area for prisoners has a restroom adjoining courtrooms and, alas, the noise of flushing can be heard all too well in the courtrooms. Building staff are working on soundproofing and promise that the problem will go away.

During the time I was working on this post, I had to try several times to get to the video clip. My guess is that it's getting lots of hits. As news, it's not all that remarkable, but it's hard to resist potty humor. (Obviously, I'm not above it myself.)

Update (July 14): The video clip is no longer available. Apparently CNN only leaves its free video up for a limited time. Take my word for it: there was a tour of an empty courtroom accompanied by very loud flushing sounds from the room next door.

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Graphic by mw.

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