Sunday, July 23, 2006

Murder/arson Suspect Claims Drunken Blackout

Last week the local news had a tragic story about two women and two children who died in a house fire in Kirkland. One station reminded viewers of the importance of smoke alarms. And then came the news that the victims had been stabbed to death and the fire had been arson. The police have arrested a suspect, Conner Schierman, a 24-year-old neighbor who said -- after being Mirandized -- that he woke up from a drunken blackout to find himself in the house with covered with blood. Did drunke blackout lead to Kirkland deaths?, Seattle Times, July 21, 2006.

Trial Ad instructor Scott O'Toole is the prosecutor on the case. According to the newspaper article, he doubts the story of a blackout.

So far, detectives have no motive for the crime and have uncovered nothing to link the suspect to the victims.

"It is going to be extremely difficult to determine motive," said O'Toole, the prosecutor. "The damage to the victims is pretty horrendous and pretty complete."
Students may have heard career counselors cautioning them that MySpace pages can be viewed by anyone, including employers. Well, it's not only employers -- in this case, the suspect's page has been read by prosecutors, Seattle Times reporters, and others who see on the newspaper's website. (The paper edited out the "Friend Space.")

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