Friday, August 4, 2006

Justice Talking

NPR's Justice Talking explores a current legal topic each week. You can listen on the radio (see the list of stations) or online. You can also sign up for podcasts.

This week's program is Collecting DNA from the Accused: Will it Help or Hurt Law Enforcement? .

The list of past shows (there are 250!) has lots of other great topics and speakers -- for instance
  • "Are Lawyers Necessary in All Cases?" (3/28/06)
  • "Murder: Beyond the Blood and Gore" (2/20/06)
  • "When Kids Commit Crimes: What's a Fair Sentence?" (3/15/06)
  • "Should Sex Offenders Have Civil Rights?" (11/14/05)
  • "Limiting Lawsuits" (11/16/04)
Many of the programs have been accredited for CLE credits in many states (including Washington).

Thanks for the lead to WisBlawg.

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