Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Attorney General McKenna Sues Movieland.com and Associates for Spyware

Attorney General McKenna Sues Movieland.com and Associates for Spyware, Washington AGO press release, Aug. 14, 2006.

The state’s suit accuses four California-based corporations of installing software that takes control of a consumer’s computer by launching aggressive and persistent pop-ups that demand payment for a movie download service.

“The defendants in our suit promote a movie download service through Web sites including movieland.com that offer consumers a free three-day trial,” McKenna said. “After the trial period, consumers are inundated with pop-ups that appear at least hourly and subject the consumer to a 40-second payment demand that cannot be closed. These messages are generated by software installed on their computers that cannot be easily removed.

“To stop these aggressive pop-ups, many frustrated consumers ultimately give in to the defendants’ unfair tactics and pay anywhere from $19.95 to nearly $100 for the service,” McKenna said. “Thousands of consumers nationwide have complained to my office, the Federal Trade Commission, the Better Business Bureau and others about the defendants’ unfair practices.”
The press release links to a copy of the complaint, filed in King County Superior Court by the AGO's Consumer Protection Division on Aug. 4.

Thanks: beSpacific, Aug. 16.

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