Friday, September 1, 2006

Few Women Clerking for Supreme Court

Women Suddenly Scarce Among Justices' Clerks reports Linda Greenhouse (New York Times, Aug. 29). Statisticians will tell us that it's tricky making generalizations from very small samples, but the number of women is down -- just 7 out of 37 of this fall's new clerks. Racial and ethnic minorities remain scarce, as always.

See also Dahlia Lithwick, Clerked Around: Is There a Major Girl Crisis in Supreme Court Hiring?, Slate, Aug. 30, 2006.

UW note: The first woman to clerk for a Supreme Court Justice (William O. Douglas, in 1944) was a UW grad. See David J. Danelski, Lucile Lomen: The First Woman to Clerk at the Supreme Court, 23 J. Sup. Ct. Hist. 1 (1999).

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