Thursday, November 9, 2006

You Say “Aggressive” - I Say “Self-Confident”

Words are the tools of our trade; effective attorneys know how to verbally paint the picture they want others to see. Advocacy Words: A Thesaurus, by William Drennan, is a little book (from the ABA's GP/Solo Section) which will help you find just the right word. It has two separate word lists, “Favorable-Critical” and “Critical-Favorable”, which suggest alternative words that “spin” your original word into your side of the argument. So why let the prosecution call your client “cowardly” when you can say she’s “prudent”? Where can you find this gem? K50 .D74 2005 at Reference Area.

Reprinted with permission from Stacy Etheredge's post at Cocky Law Blawg, the Coleman Karesh Law Library's blog. (The University of South Carolina's mascot is the Gamecock.)

Thanks: Melissa Fung.

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