Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Blog Sex Trial

A Senate aide wrote in her blog about her sex life. Although she meant her blog to be read only by a few friends, another blogger linked to it and it became something of a hit. She was fired. Her boyfriend sued her. Blog sex scandal trial could spank protagonists, Seattle Times, Dec. 27, 2006.

the Washingtonienne lawsuit has become a study into when to make a federal case out of something and when to just let it go away. It's a question lawyers wrestle with all the time.

Lanny Davis, the former special counsel to President Clinton who now advises companies during times of crisis, tells clients to decide whether they want justice or simply to set the record straight and get a message across.

"If you're looking for justice, the court system is the only thing you have," Davis said. "If you're looking to get the full story, good and bad, into one coherent narrative, the court system is perhaps the worst possible forum."

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