Monday, February 26, 2007

Schierman Trial Postponed

On Friday, a judge granted the prosecution's request to postpone until September Conner Schierman's trial for allegedly killing four people and burning their home. (It was scheduled for March 26.) The defense opposed the delay, saying that it would deprive Schierman of his right to a speedy trial. Trial of suspect in Eastside deaths will be delayed until September, Seattle Times, Feb. 24, 2007.

In deciding to delay the trial, Judge Gregory Canova said it was nearly unheard of for a death-penalty case to go to trial in eight months and that the state crime lab appeared to be working diligently to analyze evidence.

The fact that prosecutors are seeking the death penalty will likely prolong the trial, which could last for two months, Canova estimated Friday. Jury selection, in which up to 3,000 jurors could initially be summoned, could last six weeks before testimony even begins, he said.
Photo: Tina Ching

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