Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Judges Recusing Themselves Over Pay Dispute

New York judges and legislators disagree about the importance and urgency of a pay raise for judges. In December the legislature failed to enact a proposed measure, and "judicial morale sagged." Three judges brought a suit seeking to compel a salary increase. Some judges have recused themselves in cases handled by legislators or legislators' firms. Is that cricket? The court system's Advisory Committee on Judicial Ethics says it isn't -- the judges shouldn't recuse themselves. N.Y. Judges Advised Not to Link Recusals to Pay Dispute, N.Y. L.J. (, March 9, 2007.

Supreme Court (trial court) judges make $136,700/year. Meanwhile, first-year associates at some big Wall Street firms make $160,000. Boston Firms Split on How to Respond to N.Y. Pay Hikes, Nat'l L.J. (, March 9, 2007.

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