Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Book Honors Loftus, Discusses Psychology in Courtroom

Do Justice and Let the Sky Fall: Elizabeth Loftus and Her Contributions to Science, Law, and Academic Freedom (2006) is a collection of essays related to and honoring the work of Elizabeth Loftus (now of UC Irvine, for many years at the UW and still an affiliate professor in the Law School and the Psychology Department). According to the publisher:

For more than 30 years, renowned psychological scientist Elizabeth F. Loftus has contributed groundbreaking research to the fields of science, law, and academia. * * *

Do Justice and Let the Sky Fall collects research in theoretical and applied areas of human memory, provides an overview of the application of memory research to legal problems, and presents an introduction to the costs of doing controversial research. * * *

This multipurpose volume is intended to serve as a valuable resource for established scientists, emerging scientists, graduate students, lawyers, and health professionals.
The contents:
  • Memory distortions: problems solved and unsolved / Elizabeth F. Loftus
  • Tracking the birth of a star / Gordon H. Bower
  • Elizabeth F. Loftus: the early years / Geoffrey R. Loftus
  • Misinformation effects and the suggestibility of eyewitness memory
  • Maria S. Zaragoza, Robert F. Belli, and Kristie E. Payment
  • Loftus' lineage in developmental forensic research : six scientific misconceptions about children's suggestibility / Stephen J. Ceci and Maggie Bruck
  • Verbal recall of preverbal memories: implications for the clinic and the courtroom / Harlene Hayne
  • Illusory recollection in older adults : testing Mark Twain's conjecture / Henry L. Roediger and Mark A. McDaniel
  • False memories / Deryn Strange, Seema Clifasefi and Maryanne Garry
  • Incorporating Elizabeth Loftus's research on memory into reforms to proect the innocent / Jacqueline McMurtrie
  • Elizabeth F. Loftus: warrior scientist / Mahzarin R. Banaji
  • The cost of courage / Carol Tavris
The book is available in the Law Library: BF109.L64 E45 2006 at Classified Stacks.

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