Friday, May 11, 2007

Visit "Deliberations"

Catching up on some reading, I recently looked at a few weeks of posts from Deliberations. Subtitled "Law, news, and thoughts on juries and jury trials," this blog also reports some interesting empirical studies.

There are two many good posts to link to here, so I'll just recommend the whole blog. Recent posts discuss how to improve voir dire, how jurors perceive lawyers' speaking styles, the effect of fatigue on moral judgment, a Ninth Circuit case about a trial in which the defense agreed to have the court dismiss a juror who was a holdout and proceed with eleven jurors, a DC Circuit case saying it's OK to strike blind jurors, lessons on storytelling from Ira Glass, and more.

The author (Anne Reed, a trial lawyer and jury consultant) writes well and finds lots of interesting material. Take a look!

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