Saturday, July 7, 2007

The Second Justice Jones

Idaho now has two Justice Joneses (see Ridenbaugh Press » The second Justice Jones, June 26, 2007), to match Washington's two Justice Johnsons. Minnesota's Supreme Court has three Justice Andersons. We could have passed that mark if the Johnsons in our primary last fall were successful -- but I think it's fine that they weren't.

If courts were poker hands, three of a kind would be pretty good. Is there any state with more than three of a kind? How about a full house?

I'm just being silly joking about names -- but there might be a serious point to make if the common names turn out to reflect ethnic homogeneity (the Andersons and Johnsons are all white men, possibly of Scandinavian descent. The current Justice Jones is also a white man, but I haven't found a picture of the new Justice Jones, Warren Jones). How many flushes are there?

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