Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Prosecuting Atty Candidate Forum

This afternoon at 4:00 candidates for King County Prosecutor will appear at a forum "Co-sponsored by the Asian Bar Association of Washington, King County Washington Women Lawyers, Korean Bar Association of Washington, Latina/o Bar Association of Washington, the Northwest Indian Bar Association, * * * the South Asian Bar Association of Washington, and Vietnamese Bar Association of Washington." Announcement from Washington Women Lawyers, July 31, 2007.

Tues. Aug. 7
Gates Hall Room 138

(This is the information I've been able to gather about the forum. It is in the law school's room reservation calendar, but I haven't seen flyers. The only event Dan Satterberg's website lists for today is a dinner at 6:00. Then again, Keith Scully's website has nothing on the calendar for August and Bill Sherman's website has no calendar. This forum -- if it's really a go -- is definitely under publicized.)

Update (5:35): I'm sitting in the forum as it winds down. Keith Scully and Bill Sherman both came. With about a dozen people in the audience, they engaged in a good discussion (somewhat more casual than it would have been with a packed room) of a wide variety of issues -- juvenile justice, case management, areas for reform, and others.

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