Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Prosecutor Candidates' Websites

In case you're looking for information about the three candidates for King County Prosecutor, here are their websites:

(I hadn't noticed that their names all started with "S" until I decided to list them alphabetically.)

I indicated their parties just because that's the way it's set up. I'm not sure that Prosecutor should be a partisan position. We vote for King County Sheriff and King County Superior Court judges without knowing party affiliations -- why not the Prosecutor? Able administration and commitment to justice aren't R or D (or in the color coding that became popular after the 2000 election, red or blue). I asked about this at the forum this afternoon. Both Bill Sherman and Keith Scully said they supported the office being nonpartisan.

But now the candidates run by party. So on Aug. 21, Democrats can vote for either Sherman or Scully and Republicans can vote for Satterberg. Candidates in the primary -- for both county-wide and city races -- are listed here, in an online voters' pamphlet.

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