Sunday, September 23, 2007


Seattle lost Walt Crowley this week.

In four decades spanning student revolution and the information revolution, Mr. Crowley went from campus radical to the city's most prominent citizen historian, co-founding and running, an online encyclopedia of Washington state history.
Walt Crowley, historian, part of city history, dies at 60, Seattle Times, Sept. 22, 2007.

Although we've lost Mr. Crowley, we have not lost the wonderful resource he created. (Indeed, Crowley penned a plan for HistoryLink's future, Seattle Times, Sept. 23, 2007.)

Among the thousands of articles on our state's history that are on HistoryLink, there are many on our legal history, e.g.:If you're curious about the backstory in a case or issue or you'd like a quick biography of a judge or other prominent figure, give HistoryLink a try.

(I didn't set out to find only articles by David Wilma, but these all happen to be. He was the Deputy Director of HistoryLink -- which has a large roster of board members, volunteers, and staff -- from 2003 to 2007.)

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