Friday, September 28, 2007

Russell trial moving to Kelso

Russell trial moving to Kelso, Spokesman Review, Sept. 26, 2007. Originally prosecutors opposed the defense motion to move the trial of Fred Russell, accused of vehicular homicide, because of local publicity and prejudice, but then they agreed. Judge David Frazier (Whitman County Superior Court) ruled Tuesday that the trial should move to Kelso.

Frazier granted a one-week delay to allow prosecutors to prepare more than 60 witnesses to appear at the courthouse in Kelso. Cowlitz County is in southwestern Washington, north of Clark County. Frazier said in a hearing Monday that he liked the county because it was near a major metropolitan area with an airport but outside the major media markets in Washington.
Judge Frazier still has not ruled on the defense motion to exclude blood alcohol evidence.

Fred Russell is represented by UW Trial Ad Instructor Francisco Duarte.

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