Wednesday, December 5, 2007

To a High Court -- Crusading Law Students

How about reading something inspirational over the winter break? Law student Ilana Mantell recommends To a High Court, "about the students who filed and won the SCRAP decision. The story behind the case is fantastic (and inspiring for law students)."

For more -- including excerpts -- see the book's website.

Within George Washington University, five law students decide to do a practical group project. They take on the Nation's Railroads and the oldest regulatory agency, the Interstate Commerce Commission. They want compliance with a new law, the National Environmental Policy Act and its application to freight rates. They want the unnecessary extraction of natural resources and the impediments to recycling analyzed and stopped. Their name: Students Challenging Regulatory Agency Procedures, SCRAP. In a stunning surprise, published in the New York Times, they petition for compliance with the law and a billion dollar refund. The legal prowess of the Commission and the Railroads confronts them. It is David versus Goliath. As author Neil Thomas Proto reveals, the five find the tools and inner persistence to meet the challenge.
It's available in the Law Library: KF228.S788 P76 2006 at Classified Stacks.

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