Friday, March 7, 2008

"How to Give Great Speeches" and some examples for you to watch

Rich Karlgaard at gives pointers on How to Give Great Speeches, Dec. 10, 2007. One of his tips is to watch some great speeches on YouTube. A blogger went one step further and provided the links to those speeches: idealawg: From "How to Give Great Speeches" and some examples for you to watch.

So I thought: what sort of trial examples are there? Lots, it turns out. I searched YouTube for opening statement trial. The first hit turned out to be a TV news story about the Fred Russell trial, a couple of clips include a few seconds of Russell's attorney, Francisco Duarte, who is also a Trial Ad instructor.

Another clip I watched part of was Judge Murray Sinclair - How to Be a Good Lawyer. This isn't about trial practice, but rather about law practice generally. Judge Sinclair was Manitoba's first Aboriginal judge and Canada's second.

Well, this searching might turn up some good stuff, but it's not easy to sort out. I'd like to see someone's recommendations of the best clips showing good technique.

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