Sunday, March 9, 2008

Sex Offender Issues Blog

I just came across the Sex Offenders Issues Blog and spent a while reading. The author ("ZMan!") is thoughtful and shares a lot of news. See his introduction:

I want to first start off with saying I am NOT pro-pedophile or pro-sex offender but pro-Constitution. I am totally against any form of abuse to any animal or human being. Anybody who commits any crime should be punished. But, once that person has done the time they were convicted under, via contract, and is off parole and/or probation, they should be able to get on with their lives without all the rules and regulations. No other criminal has to live by such draconian laws, so why sex offenders? If we must do this for sex offenders, then I think, to be fair, all criminals must be under similar rules and regulations.
If you're interested in the issue, take a look.


ZMan! said...

Thanks for the plug... :)


Anonymous said...

ZMan! has helped me out with lots of things. His site is huge and has tons of info.

He even helped me by posting a letter that you might be interested on him blog...

It's titled:

A letter to the ACLU

ZMan! said...