Sunday, April 6, 2008

McKenna Wants Tort Reform in Washington

Tort laws out of whack, costing the Evergreen State, says AG McKenna, LegalNewsLine, March 20, 2008. McKenna would like to see changes in joint and several liability, so that a party that has only minor responsibility could not be made to pay full damages. He'd also like to see limits on awards against the state.

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Roxanne said...

It appears the AG needs to learn about the 1986 Washington State tort reform laws, which already provide for his proposals.

Prior to the 1986 tort reform act, Washington’s common law imposed joint and several liability on multiple tortfeasors when they caused a plaintiff indivisible injury.

However, as part of the 1986 tort reform act, the Legislature abolished joint and several
liability for most causes of action in favor of proportionate damages.