Saturday, October 25, 2008

WSBA's YouTube Contest

The Washington State Bar Association invites you to create a short video (3 minutes max.) showing "your vision of justice for all as citizens of Washington state." Not only do you get to use your creativity and express yourself, but you also will be in the running for two $1000 prizes -- one to be selected by a panel of judges and one People's Choice winner. You might even get both!

Details about the contest are here. The deadline for posting entries on YouTube is June 15, 2009.


PIspecialist said...

This is interesting.I hope to see another contest, this time national in scope with the same theme. Or how about something on the environment.Good luck to the contestants.

BloggerPal said...

This is interesting. I hope other sites will launch worthwhile contests such as this.

RFW said...

Thanks for sharing this. I'll be interested to see the results. In South Carolina we're wondering how to reach the general public about access to justice and this is certainly one way we've discussed. Thanks.

jlex said...

We hope to see something like it here in California.