Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Access to Justice Board Members Needed

The Washington State Access to Justice Board is looking for three new members. One must be an attorney, one must be a non-attorney, and one can be either. The application deadline is Nov. 30.

A demonstrated commitment to equal justice principles and an enthusiastic commitment to serve in equal justice community leadership are required, as are strong communication skills and an ability to see the "big picture." Courage, compassion, consideration, patience, humility, passion, and humor are all valuable traits in ATJ Board members.

The ATJ Board strives for a membership that reflects ethnic, racial, gender, geographic, and other diversity. To that end, in seeking candidates to fill the current at-large vacancies, the ATJ Board's Nominating and Leadership Development Committee is specially seeking persons with experience in Washington's pro bono community (as staff, board members, or volunteers), and/or persons who currently live or work in the Northern Olympic Peninsula or Eastern Washington, and/or persons who will otherwise increase the Board's diversity. Candidates for the statewide staffed legal services programs position should have relevant experience with such a program.
More information here.

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