Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Jailing Kids for Cash

Truthdig - Reports - Jailing Kids for Cash, Feb. 17, 2009:

As many as 5,000 children in Pennsylvania have been found guilty, and up to 2,000 of them jailed, by two corrupt judges who received kickbacks from the builders and owners of private prison facilities that benefited. The two judges pleaded guilty in a stunning case of greed and corruption that is still unfolding. Judges Mark A. Ciavarella Jr. and Michael T. Conahan received $2.6 million in kickbacks while imprisoning children who often had no access to a lawyer. The case offers an extraordinary glimpse into the shameful private prison industry that is flourishing in the United States.
Thanks: Michele Storms, Jill Mullins.


Spartacus O'Neal said...

Good start. Now to start indicting the thousands of legislators taking campaign contributions from the industry for making the unequal protection laws in the first place.

Legal Aid said...

It's pay back time for these two corrupt judges. I'm sure their many of them still at large.