Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Another sign of tough times: legal aid for the middle class -

Another sign of tough times: legal aid for the middle class - Los Angeles Times, March 10, 2009:

Long comfortably ensconced in the proud community of the self-reliant, [one man] was unaware that free or low-cost legal help is available for the mounting middle-class casualties of the recession.

Had he known about the online guidance, legal self-help centers or community lawyers offering their services at group rates, he might have avoided being scammed by a fraudulent foreclosure rescue business that took his last borrowed money.
In Washington, the online site to visit is washingtonlawhelp.org, a project of the Northwest Justice Project, with documents from Columbia Legal Services, the Northwest Women's Law Center, the Attorney General's Office, and other reliable sources. Click on the Find a Lawyer link at the top of any page to find organizations with free or low-cost legal services.

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BloggerPal said...

Signs of tough times are just everywhere. Sales in bulk or services for many for half the original price are becoming rampant. I think tough times or not, legal aid should be available to everyone.