Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Using the Internet as a Tool for Cross-Examination

An article offers tips for Using the Internet as a Tool for Cross-Examination, Law Technology News (N.Y.L.J.), March 1, 2011. I've seen a number of articles about using information found in, say, Facebook to impeach a witness. This article goes further in offering two sample series of questions, e.g.,

Q: Can we agree your recovery was a good one?

A: I wouldn't say that.

Q: You've certainly participated in some challenging activities, haven't you?

A: What do you mean?

Q: Like skiing, true?

A: I tried, but was unable to ski.

* * *
Eventually, the cross-examiner sets the trap and undoes the witness with a YouTube video, perhaps like this one:

(I have no reason to believe the skier in this video has ever been a plaintiff in a personal injury case or, if so, misled the jury about the extent of his injuries. Looks pretty good, doesn't he?)

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