Sunday, April 17, 2011

Defense Attorney Profile

This morning's Seattle Times has a front-page profile of attorney Eric Lindell. Ken Armstrong, West Seattle attorney takes difficult cases -- and wins | Seattle Times Newspaper, April 17, 2011.

Lindell's career has focused on criminal defense, first with SCRAP and then in private practice. One case discussed is an appeal currently pending in the Washington Supreme Court challenging the statute that allows propensity evidence in sexual abuse cases (RCW 10.58.090). See earlier post about this case in Division I.

The article discusses several other cases in which Lindell represented criminal defendants. And there's one case where his work on behalf of a private client led to a successful prosecution. A child had drowned when in the care of her stepfather. Investigators originally ruled it an accident, but the mother thought her husband had killed the little girl. Lindell's work on a wrongful death suit (that was dropped) led to the prosecution and conviction of the stepfather -- the justice the mother wanted.

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