Monday, February 27, 2012

Defendant Has Right to Be Present During All Jury Selection

A defendant is headed for a second trial for first-degree murder after his first conviction was reversed because he had not been present for all aspects of jury selection. Biker convicted in ‘no-body’ Ravensdale killing headed for new trial,, Feb. 26, 2012.

The Court of Appeals case is State v. Price, No. 63056-3-I, Justia link, Findlaw link (July 25, 2011). (The court also addresses a Rule 404(b) issue, saying that the trial judge was within her discretion to admit evidence of the defendant's membership in a biker gang.) The Court of Appeals applies a recent Washington Supreme Court case that examines the right to be present for jury selection under both the federal and the state constitutions. State v. Irby, 170 Wn. 2d 874, Google Scholar link (2011).

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Lulaine said...

The defendant being available during jury selection is very central to how our legal system works. It falls in the same category as the defendant having the right to face their accuser. The defendant having a say so in jury selection is important to the integrity of the process and verdict.