Sunday, December 4, 2005

The Seattle Times: Judge sends 2 lawyers to prison

[NEWS] On Friday Federal District Judge Ricardo Martinez sentenced the two lawyers who pleaded guilty in the drug money case. James L. White was sentenced to 18 months in prison. A. Mark Vanderveen was sentenced to 3 months in prison and 3 months of home detention. The government had recommended a lighter sentence for Vanderveen, but the judge said that he had to hold him to a "higher standard." The Seattle Times: Judge sends 2 lawyers to prison
The Seattle Times story concludes:

Meantime, an investigation arising out of the same drug case into possible misconduct by other criminal-defense attorneys is continuing. Other attorneys have been advised they could be targets.
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Maureen Howard said...

I was downtown at the federal courthouse on Friday to conduct a judcial externship site visit and I just missed the sentencing. My law student sat in on the sentencing and reported that it was very dramatic. He said that Judge Martinez's sentencing was different from what he had seen before in a number of respects. For one thing, he noted that Chief Judge Robert Lasnik (the judge he is clerking for) usually announces a sentence in the following order: 1)in-custody time to be served; 2)out-of-custody time; and 3)probation conditions. Judge Martinez reversed this order when sentencing on Friday, pausing dramatically before announcing the in-cutody time. With respect to defendant Vanderveen, this was particularly powerful as the jail time exceeded the recommendation of the government.