Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Seuss-like Order: Judge Indulges in Poultry Poetry

You've heard of poetry in motion? Here's poetry in response to a motion.

A pro se prisoner filed a hard-boiled egg with his case, and the magistrate judge responded with an order in the cadence of Green Eggs and Ham. It's been picked up by the Associated Press and a bunch of bloggers. Here's a link to Abovethelaw: A Legal Tabloid, which has a pdf of the order.

A couple of commenters decry judges using humor to belittle litigants.

For more opinions in verse and also law review articles critiquing judicial humor, see our guide, Judicial Humor.

The prisoner says that he is an Orthodox Jew and complains that the prison refuses to serve him a kosher diet. For a little more on issues relating to religion in prisons (including Gentile prisoners who say they're Jewish largely to get a more palatable diet), see this earlier post linking to a Seattle Weekly article.

If you would have gone with "I am the eggman" rather than "I do not like green eggs and ham," then see this post about rock lyrics in legal opinions.

Photo from National Agricultural Library, USDA.

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