Thursday, January 31, 2008

Judges reject DUI breath-test results

Judges reject DUI breath-test results, Seattle Times, Jan. 31, 2008:

In a ruling that could affect thousands of cases, a panel of King County judges said Wednesday that the state's toxicology lab engaged in 'fraudulent and scientifically unacceptable' practices that have compromised breath-test readings used to prosecute suspected drunken drivers.

The ruling directly affects eight cases currently before King County District Courts and more than 100 on hold pending the ruling. But it also could affect thousands that have already been resolved, because it is expected to open the door for appeals, attorneys say.
The "blistering 29-page ruling," State v. Ahmach (King County Dist. Ct. Jan. 30, 2008), is here. The judges on the panel were David Steiner, Darrell Phillipson, and Mark Chow.

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