Friday, January 11, 2008

New DNA Methods Could Throw More Convictions Into Doubt (Seattle Weekly)

Check out the big story in this week's Weekly on DNA exonerations and the state's resistance to some convicts' requests for testing: Rick Anderson, News: New DNA Methods Could Throw More Convictions Into Doubt, Seattle Weekly, Jan. 9, 2008.

Prominent in the article is the UW's Innocence Project Northwest.

The cases discussed are

  • In re Bradford, 140 Wash.App. 124, 165 P.3d 31, Findlaw (Div. III 2007).
  • Riofta v. State, 134 Wash.App. 669, 142 P.3d 193, Findlaw (Div. II 2006), review granted, 161 Wash.2d 1001, 166 P.3d 718 (Sept. 5, 2007), argued October 23. Watch the oral argument (by Prof. Jackie McMurtrie for Riofta and alumna Michelle Luna-Green (Pierce County Prosecuting Attorney's Office) for the state) on TVW.

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Anonymous said...

A good summation of the situation: Prosecutors believe in DNA as evidence when it convicts, but not so much when it frees...