Tuesday, March 11, 2008

9th Circuit FPD Blog

Do you want to follow criminal law developments in the Ninth Circuit? Then check out Ninth Circuit Blog, written by seven attorneys from Federal Public Defender offices in the circuit. (The ones whose cities I found were: Steven Kalar, San Francisco; David M. Porter, Sacramento; John Rhodes, Missoula; Jon M. Sands, Phoenix; Steven R. Sady, Portland. The others are Carl Gund and Paul M. Rashkind.)

Most of the posts are summaries of recent ninth circuit cases -- a great way to keep up!

A side note: many of the public defender blogs I've seen are written anonymously. That allows for a wider range of commentary than a signed blog. If you want to be able to say how much you hate the prosecutor and how stupid a judge is, then it's best to keep it anonymous because you're sure to see them again and again. This blog is signed and (therefore) has a different tone.

Map from U.S. Courts.

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