Friday, April 4, 2008

'This guy must pay,' potential juror wrote

Tracy Johnson has a long article describing jury selection in the case against Naveed Haq for the Jewish Federation shootings: 'This guy must pay,' potential juror wrote, Seattle P-I, April 2, 2008:

One man thought that whoever opened fire at the Jewish Federation offices was "an anti-Semitic, Islamic coward" and was fuming because the chaotic episode stranded him in downtown Seattle for hours.

Another believed that the insanity defense was just something "put up by defense lawyers to get their client off the hook."

Both men were kindly thanked for their time Wednesday -- and then sent on their way -- as attorneys began questioning potential jurors for the trial of Naveed Haq, a 32-year-old Tri-Cities man who is charged in the deadly July 2006 shooting.
Judge Paris Kallas has ruled that the burden will be on the defense to prove Mr. Haq's insanity at the time of the shootings.

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