Sunday, August 17, 2008

Tangled Set of Events Lead to Shooting by Bounty Hunters

A long article in theNews Tribune sorts out the events that led to bounty hunters shooting a defendant who skipped his bail. The bail bond agency had turned the man over to Tacoma police, but they did not jail him because he told them and the FBI that he could lead them to a U.S. Army missile. What he did show them was a piece of bazooka ammunition -- not much of a missile -- and he never got to jail. The prosecutor said that the bail bond agency was still on the hook for $150,000 because it had delivered the defendant to the police instead of the jail. So the bail bond agency hired bail recovery agents to round him up again. When he rammed their car and reached for something in his front seat, they shot him fatally. Why the bounty hunters killed Robin Hood | | Tacoma, WA.

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