Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Litigation Manual: Jury Trials

New in the Library: The Litigation Manual: Jury Trials, KF8972 .L58 2008 at Classified Stacks.

According to the publisher (the ABA Section of Litigation), this book

includes the most useful articles from Litigation journal, taking you through the steps of a jury trial. For those who do not try any jury cases the information will be enlightening. In reading them you will better understand the processes by which cases are tried, decisions made and justice arrived at in American courts. For lawyers who try only a few cases, you will gain from the years of courtroom experience of others. And for courtroom veterans, old trial skills will be re-enforced, bad habits questioned and per force, new lessons learned. Topics include:

* Perspectives on the Future of Jury Trials

* Should You Have a Jury Trial?

* Understanding Today's Jurors

* Finding the Jurors You Want

* Instructing the Jury

* Winning Over the Jury

* Telling the Jury a Story

* Trying the Jury Case: Court Room Techniques

* Opening Statements

* Witnesses

* Complex Cases

* Closing Argument

* After the Jury Trial

The book provides concrete, time-proven techniques and innovative ideas from many of the country's preeminent trial lawyers and judges. And it contains some of the best legal writing available -- clear, informal and never dull. Read it and you will learn how to deal more effectively with the situations you face in preparing for and conducting a jury trial.

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