Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Justice to go mobile in Karnataka-India-The Times of India

Justice to go mobile in Karnataka-India-The Times of India, Nov. 20, 2008:

BANGALORE: Karnataka is all set to take justice and legal literacy to the doorsteps of its people across the state, particularly to the poor as they cannot pay for the expensive and time-consuming court battles.

A specially designed bus will serve as a court room to conduct the lok adalat (people's court).

Lok adalat is a mechanism for speedy settlement of disputes through conciliation, compromise or arbitration. It is not a substitute to the courts but supplements their function. For the financially weak, it is a relief as they need not pay any court or lawyer's fees for the lok adalats to take up their case.
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Postergal said...

Justice is due to all, to young and old, to the wealthy and poor. As the saying goes "those who have less in life should be more in law".