Thursday, April 9, 2009

Closing prisons, slashing sentences eyed to balance budget

Politics | Closing prisons, slashing sentences eyed to balance budget | Seattle Times Newspaper, April 9, 2009:

Tough-on-crime legislation that has long filled courtrooms, prisons and parole offices across the country has apparently met its match — the economy.

In Washington and other states, lawmakers are considering budget cuts that would close prisons, loosen sentencing guidelines and slash probation terms.

With lawmakers in Olympia looking for nearly $4 billion in spending cuts, several high-ranking Democrats say the recession gives them an opportunity to add compassion to a criminal-justice system they believe has grown too large, too expensive and too harsh for some of the crimes.

"We need a massive re-look at what we're doing and what the focus is," said Senate Ways and Means Chairwoman Margarita Prentice, D-Renton.


Legal Aid said...

This move must be carefully assessed and looked into. Convicts who committed severe and heinous crimes must pay their crimes.

Anonymous said...

I heard that in July 2009 many prisoners will begin recieving 1/2 time for good behavior rather than 1/3 or 1/5. could anyone tell me what they know about this. Also, I heard in July there will be an amendment to the 3 strikes law removing such crimes as assault2 and burglary 2. rshaker.amc Thank you