Monday, July 13, 2009

What Can a Trial Lawyer Learn from Michael Jackson?

Jury consultant Anne Reed admits that she was never a Michael Jackson fan -- didn't spend time glued to MTV, didn't go nuts for "Thriller." Me too (although, unlike Anne, I'd at least heard the songs and seen a video or two). Anne asks us all to reflect on what we've missed in popular culture:

it might be, like Michael Jackson, something that a lot of jurors would list among their greatest inspirations and influences. It's worth pausing at moments like this to consider what you're missing, and whether you could open a little further to the experience of people who are not you.
Deliberations: What Have You Missed?, July 1, 2009.


BloggerPal said...

You don't miss someone until that someone is gone. That's true with Michael Jackson. Suddenly, radios were playing his songs 24/7, tributes were given left and right, etc.

Legal Aid said...

Lawyers have so much to learn from Michael Jackson. If there is a list which enumerates people who have the most law suits, Jackson would certainly be on that list.