Friday, June 17, 2011

Conference on Forensic Inference Statistics in Seattle Next Month

8th International Conference on Forensic Inference Statistics
Date:  July 18-21, 2011.

Location: University of Washington School of Law, William H. Gates Hall, 4293 Memorial Way, Seattle, WA

The area of statistical reasoning applied to forensic science has undergone a rapid growth and development both theoretically but also in applied research, becoming a highly interdisciplinary field. This conference is the only forum where police officers, forensic scientists, jurists, scholars from related disciplines and statisticians meet to discuss the constraints, mechanisms and opportunities to provide statistical and inferential support to the decision making process either at level of the investigation or in court.

The Washington State Bar Association has approved the July 18, 2011 ICFIS program for 7 hours of general CLE credit, and the July 19-21 ICFIS conference for 18 hours of general CLE credit.

More details on the program are here.

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