Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Direct examination tips

[TIP] The ABA's Section of Litigation offers "Tips from the Trenches.", currently "Old Dogs and new Tricks for Direct Examination," adapted from the Spring 2005 issue of Litigation:

One of the keys to improving our skills is to consider alternative forms of direct. Whether we adopt them in all cases, only with particular witnesses, only in particular cases, or not at all, the process of challenging, rethinking, and revalidating or modifying our direct examination techniques will make us better trial lawyers.
One interesting technique is using a series of short, very controlled questions to emphasize key points that might be missed if the witness gives a narrative answer in a paragraph.

Feb. 27, 2006: Since the current tip changes, the link no longer connects to this article. The old tips are archived -- but only for members. You can check out whatever the current tip is anytime.

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