Monday, January 23, 2006

Lawyer found guilty in rival's shooting

[NEWS] A local lawyer was found guilty last month of attempted murder for shooting opposing counsel in the head in 2004. The Seattle Times: Lawyer found guilty in rival's shooting William Joice did not dispute that he shot Kevin Jung. His defense was that he meant to shoot Jung only in the arm or shoulder in order to buy time in the case they were involved in (a dispute over a gift shop franchise).

Over several hours of testimony, Joice described how he entered an alcohol and stress-fueled "fantasy world" in summer 2004, when he came up with the idea of shooting Jung. He had money problems and missed several deadlines in the gift-shop case, which Jung had pointed out repeatedly in court filings.

Many of the jurors could empathize with his misfortune, but only to a point.

"Everyone agreed [that] even though we all have problems in our lives, we don't solve them by trying to kill someone," said jury forewoman Karen Morgan, 42, of Maple Valley.

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