Friday, December 8, 2006

IM Codes for Law

Regular users of instant messaging, text messaging, and email often abbreviate phrases -- "CU" for "see you," "LOL" for "laughing out loud," and so on. Now an appellate lawyer proposes a series of similar abbreviations for briefs: e.g., "OFG" for "open the floodgates" and "AFB" for "at first blush." Instead of "oral argument requested," tomorrow's attorney might simply type "F2F" (wanting to see the judges face to face). Roger W. Hughes, Legalese in the Age of IM (Instant Messaging), Appellate Advocate (State Bar of Texas Appellate Section Report), Summer 2006, at 14.

Hughes goes on to suggest: "Possibly the IM brief will induce tech-savvy justices to issue the 'IM opinion,' one short enough to be sent direct to cell phones." How would you like an opinion reduced to "Aff'd NNuH" (affirmed, nothing new here)?

Maybe this is the wave of the future. But in the short term -- for instance, on your finals next week, UW students -- it might be wise to fill in your thoughts just a little more. (Good luck on those exams, by the way!)

Thanks: Law Dawg Blawg.

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